Books Made Me


When I think back on all of the people and experiences in my life, it is books that have had the greatest impact.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been a reader and books have been my companions. My first memory of a book is not the title or what it was about, but the pages with pictures in black ink and the smell. I don’t encounter the smell often any more, but when I do it takes me right back to that first book.

As a young girl, my taste in books was pretty typical. “Pippi Longstocking” and “Homer Price” being favourites.  I was a committed patron of Scholastic Book Clubs and cherished the books my parents allowed me to buy. As I grew older, reading became more of an escape, an opportunity to immerse myself in the lives of characters that didn’t have to deal with difficult issues at home and school.  I found safety and solace.

As a teen, my taste in books changed and became more varied. I discovered Harlequin romances thanks to my grandmother and enjoyed the classic literature we studied at school.

My love of books led me to my career as a teacher. I envisioned my life’s work to be the joy of teaching children to read and love books like did.  I got my first teaching job because my passion for reading shone through in my interview.  My passion for books is as strong now, twenty-eight years later, as it was when I started teaching.

Now I embark on a new journey, to become an author myself. To create stories where kids find the safety and solace that I did all those years ago.